Free Weekends for Conan Exiles!

Now is a perfect time to get your friends to join you in the Exiled Lands. 

Want to invite your friends to play with you? We got you covered!  Download Conan Exiles for free this weekend, and check out the savage and awesome world for yourself! Get your friends on board and face the survival experience together. What better time than now? 

From the 14th of May until the 18th of May, you have the opportunity to check for yourself what Conan Exiles has to offer. 

Be it exploring the exiled lands on mounts, build your dream house (or a whole city), dominating other players in PVP, or exploring the grounds for hidden dungeons and mighty beasts.  

The options are many. It is your story to explore and create within the universe of Conan. 

You can also check out the latest improvements and addition to our follower system. You have a lot more control of your followers and can both use a mount and a follower at the same time. 

To enter the Exiled Lands, simply click the “Free” button on the Conan Exiles Store page and you’ll be all set. While you’ll lose access to the game once the free weekend is over, your progress will be saved and you can start right off where you stopped should you decide to become a permanent resident. The game is also 50% off right now! 

Interested in all the latest updates? Check out the official Conan Exiles website or read the latest news right here.

We do hope to see you in the Exiled lands, and we hope you enjoy the free weekend alone or with friends. We are excited to welcome you as part of our amazing community. 

Don’t hesitate to share your experience with us to our Twitter or Facebook and don’t forget to join our official forums. 

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