ArcheAge: Unchained: Get ready to dance all summer long

The weather is slowly warming up in Erenor and it’s time to prepare the lights, camera, and action! Pick out a new look and put on your dancing heels, it’s about to get hot in here. Whether you’re dancing, prancing, or enhancing, we’ve got what you need!

Walking to the sound of your favorite song
Do you want to spend your summer dancing until your energy runs out? A dancer without his costume is not a real dancer. Enjoy our costumes: with the Restless Dancer Costume, everyone will have their eyes on you while you are on the dance floor! Dance is not your thing and you’d rather sunbathe? Look at you, you’ll be ready for the beach with this Summer Racer’s Swimwear!

Restless Dancer Costume – 3000 Credits
Summer Racer’s Swimwear – 1400 Credits

Dancin’ In the Moonlight
Aaah, the Moonwalk, who has never tried to reproduce this mythical dance without falling down and giving up immediately? Well, don’t give up too quickly, because it turns out that you actually have a hidden power in ArcheAge and you can dance the Moonwalk the first time without pain. Give it a try!

Moonlight Dancer’s Pack – 3500 Credits
Contains: Moonlight Dancer’s Hat, Moonlight Dancer’s Jacket, Moonlight Dancer’s Pants, Moonlight Dancer’s Gloves, Moonlight Dancer’s Shoes, Bound Dance: Moonwalk

Dance: Moonwalk – 2000 Credits

Flying Sloths?!
The highly requested Enhanced Sloth Glider Companion has finally landed in the Diligence Coin store! Despite being a little slow to the party (true to his sloth nature), he’s here to stay!

Enhanced Sloth Glider Companion – 400 Diligence Coins

These deals will dance away from the dancefloor on June 25th, so don’t be shy and go for it!