ArcheAge: Whimsical Unicorns and more!

Do you believe in magic, whimsy, and unicorns? Great! Beginning on May 21st, you’ll have the opportunity to tame and ride some of those most famous Unicorns in all of Erenor when Celestar and Lunaris return in their Twilight Unicorn Crate for a limited time. Also, show off your most cherished memories with the Laminated Frames Bundles, or choose your favorite frames individually. And don’t forget to take a peek at our discounted items for a steal of a deal!

Double the Unicorn Trouble

Charge into battle with the Twilight Unicorn Crate. You will have a chance to obtain either the Wrapped Celestar or Wrapped Lunaris mounts! These versatile unicorns can provide either protection to you or vulnerability to your enemies! Additionally, flaunt your invincibility in the face of your enemies with the Lunaris or Celestar Dash skill and stealth when faced with great danger!

Twilight Unicorn Crate – 450 Credits

Thank You to Our Heroes

It is said this item was given as a ‘Thank You’ to all the warriors and heroes who’ve bravely protected Erenor. Today, we award it to you! This item boosts the Honor Points gained from hunting and quests and becomes more effective every hour – up to 5 hours – while you are online.

Warrior’s Honor Boost – 10 Credits
Limited to 1x per day per account

Memories Showcased

Display your most cherished memories with gorgeous frames. Spruce up your house decor and add a more personal touch with your crest designs using Crest Brainstorms with these customizable frames! Choose to make your impact with one of the bundle deals or purchase the frames you want individually!

Laminated Frame Bundle – 1200 Credits
Contains: Laminated Empty Standup Frame x2, Laminated Empty Frame x2, Laminated Empty Large Frame x1

Laminated Rectangular Frame Bundle – 1200 Credits
Contains: Laminated Empty Rectangular Frame x2, aminated Empty Large Rectangular Frame x2

Laminated Empty Standup Frame – 300 Credits
Laminated Empty Frame – 400 Credits
Laminated Empty Large Frame – 600 Credits
Laminated Empty Large Rectangular Frame – 400 Credits
Laminated Empty Rectangular Frame – 600 Credits

Discounts Galore!

Hey you! Looking for a good deal? Well, we have the perfect items for you that might catch your eye! Having a house means it can become cluttered, so store your unused Furniture in the Furniture Chest. Oh, and your inventory too! Store your Instruments or Music in their respective Chests that we also have on discount. Looking to place more pieces in your living space? The Decor Limit Increase could be perfect for you! If you’re looking for more family members, the Family Growth Ticket to increase your Family Capacity might be the best way to do it!

Decor Limit Increase – 800 Credits
Wrapped Family Growth Ticket – 800 Credits
Furniture Chest – 960 Credits
Music Chest – 960 Credits
Instrument Trunk – 960 Credits

These items disappear on June 4th, so make sure you have your unicorn on a leash before they dash away!