A Call to Arms!

Everyone needs a boost every now and again, and adventurers are no different. From April 30th until June 4th we’ve worked together with the quest givers in Reedwind, Sungold Fields, Exeloch, Western Hiram Mountains, and Eastern Hiram Mountains and convinced them to double their quest rewards! That means double the infusions and double the awakening scrolls!

What quests count?
Great question Adventurer! The quests that have been doubled in this event follow:

Guardian of Reedwind
Guardian of Sungold Fields
Guardian of Exeloch
Raiders of Reedwind
Raiders of Sungold Fields
Raiders of Exeloch
Mutated Animals
The Abyssal Legion
Animal Control
Millennium Mammoths
Black Forest Treants
Stop the Abyssal Legion
Haradium Abominations

Remember, these double rewards won’t stay forever so let’s get busy!