A Witching Good Time

If a night full of bonfires and witch hats sounds like a witchin’ time, then these packages are just for you! Grab your very own witchy attire, accessories, and companions starting April 29th and say goodbye to being a basic witch! These packages are available both on ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained for $19.99, but make sure you practice your spellcraft soon, as the sale disappears – poof! – into the ether on May 4th!

ArcheAge Free-to-Play
ArcheAge Free-to-Play servers can be dressed just-in-time for the Witching Hour with the Sylvas Nocturne Bottoms, Sylvas Nocturne Shoes, Sylvas Nocturne Top, and Poison’d Entrails Hat! But what is a witch without their accessories? You’ll also get the reliable Stormduster 1000 to soar in the skies – now’s your chance to learn how to drive a stick, a Little Witch companion to accompany you on your travels, and a trusty Traveler’s Old Cauldron* to brew your various potions – cheers, witches! – or make a hardy chili!

Please note that this package is limited to only 1x per account!

* This item is a non-functional toy item and not a furniture item.

These wickedly fun packages won’t be around forever so grab them before they disappear on May 4th!