A Fashion Flashback with the Eve’s Prophecies Appearance Package

    Eve’s Prophecies Appearance Package

    We reached out to fashion archivists at the Durmand Priory to reconstruct the iconic outfit worn by Eve, a legendary Ascalonian necromancer. Buckle yourself into this historic homage today.

    The Eve’s Prophecies Appearance Package includes a Draconic Wings Glider, a Draconic Wings Backpack, a Mythic Weapon Choice, an Eve’s Prophecies Outfit, and a Total Makeover Kit. The outfit and backpack-glider combo are also sold individually.

    Draconic Wings Backpack and Glider Combo

    Our top artisans labored lovingly over this set of scaled wings*. Accented with precious metal and jewels, they’re both fierce and beautiful.

    What’s in Stock

    Classic weapon skins inspired by ancient heroes and foes are appearing in the Gem Store throughout the week at 25% off. Keep an eye out for your favorites—and don’t forget to pick up your free gifts!

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    • Chaos Gloves
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*No actual dragons were harmed in the fashion wars.