Pledge More Trees to Charity!

In true gamer fashion, gamigo players have so far pledged over 63,500 trees in the #gamigotrees charity event with Eden Reforestation Projects! As part of the celebrations around the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we’re challenging our players to see whether they can make a bigger difference in making the world a better place while receiving in-game goodies! Are you up to the task?

What can I receive?
Players of ArcheAge can receive some amazing rewards at various price points for our free-to-play servers. For only 1,99€ and a pledge to plant 2 real trees, you have a chance to receive from the Garden Pack, the mystical and elegant Stormwraith Kirin that is proven to be a very powerful and speedy ally on the battlefield and beyond.

In the Grove Pack, you can receive the Greenman Pet, who channels the power of wind and poison to defeat his enemies for only 9,99€ and a pledge to plant 10 real trees! That’s not all! Though the Greenman is a great reward, you’ll also receive 5x Majestic Trees! These massive trees provide 10 gathering attempts and look stunning on any land.

And finally, in the Forest Pack for 19,99€ and a pledge of 20 real trees, you can receive the most stunning Wing Image Item- the Yellow Rose Wings! These Yellow Rose Wings can be imaged ontop of your favorite glider to take the appearance of stunning yellow wings of rosebuds while keeping the functionality of your equipped glider! That’s not all! You can also receive the ‘Nature Lover’ Title and flex your charity muscles for such an incredible cause and take a seat on the Lovers’ Log Bench like it’s your throne.

It doesn’t stop there! For players of ArcheAge: Unchained, some sweet rewards are waiting for you just for pledging trees. Why not jazz up your humble abode with a myriad of possible amazing items such as the Plant Shelf, Cherry Blossom Decor, and some sweet treats too for only 1,99 € and a pledge of 2 trees from the Garden Pack!

In the Grove Pack for 9,99€ and a pledge of 10 trees, you can get an ArchePass Upgrade Ticket, that allows you to upgrade your ArchePass Basic Pass track into a Premium one! That’s not all, you’ll also receive a Salon Certificate to change up your character appearance and a Bound Crest Brainstorm to add your flair to Crest items.

And last but not least, the Forest Pack for 19,99€ and a pledge of 20 trees, comes stuffed with a whole lot of goodies. You’ll snag the Yellow Rose Wings Image Item to image over your current glider to take on the appearance of elegant yellow rosebuds while keeping the stats and skills of your current equipped glider. You’ll also get the ‘Nature Lover’ Title and the Lovers’ Log Bench to flex those charity muscles of yours!

All these goodies and more can be found online at! Don’t wait for long, the #gamigotrees charity event comes to a close on May 4th.