ArcheAge: Unchained : Crests in Motion

Beginning on April 23rd, you can watch your Crests change before your very eyes – because they’re animated of course! Or you can dress luxuriously in the finest Harani outfits known in all of Erenor!

Luxury Threads
Oh, to live in the lap of luxury! Even if you don’t yet have the riches to show for it, you can at least dress the part of being fashionably royal! Stay foxy in the Werefox Robes with a togglable helmet! If you’re feeling fancy, you can put on the Alabaster Perinoor Silks to truly mimic the feeling of Harani Royalty. If either of those options is ill-suited to your mood, you can shroud yourself in the dark, luxurious mystery of the Midnight Perinoor Cottons!

Haranyan Luxury Costume Package – 5000 Credits
Contains: Werefox Robes, Alabaster Perinoor Silks, Midnight Perinoor Cottons

Animating Your Brainstorms
UCC – you know it, and you love it. But, what if it could move? Shake up your Crest game with the Animated Canvases and Frames! Whether you’re adding a little or a lot of animation flare to your land, these Crest items have infinite possibilities!

Bound Animated Crest Canvas – 600 Credits
Bound Animated Crest Frame – 600 Credits
Bound Petite Animated Crest Canvas – 600 Credits
Bound Petite Animated Crest Frame – 600 Credits

These deals dash away in the dead of night on May 7th, so grab these deals by the Werefox ears soon!