ArcheAge: Fashion and Friendship

Hey, you! Yes, you! Feeling like you’d want to dress like Harani Royalty, don an elegant Blossom Garb, travel with some of your most loyal pets and your beloved trade packs throughout the 3 continents, or change up your look for the warmer months with a Salon Ticket? Well, beginning April 23rd until May 7th, you can!

Pollen, Silk, and Fashion
There’s nothing to sneeze at with these pollen-dusted Blossom Garbs! These elegant garbs are sure to be a show stopper no matter if you’re headed to the beautiful rural housing area or the Golden Plains Battle.

Alabaster Perinoor Silks – 3000 Credits
Midnight Perinoor Silks – 3000 Credits
Crimson Perinoor Silks – 3000 Credits
Firework Blossom Garb – 3000 Credits
Evening Blossom Garb – 3000 Credits
Spring Blossom Garb – 3000 Credits

A Traveller’s Best Friend
Some places in Erenor are quite literally a hop, skip AND a jump away – so the Albino Yata is here help. Jump to the top of any obstacle and make a mad dash to any place you need to go!

If up and over isn’t what you need, you can hop into your Rampage Chroma and let the 4-wheel drive and 72 horsepower vehicle take you and up to 3 trade packs where you need to go quickly and reliably.

Albino Yata – 2000 Credits
Wrapped Rampage Chroma – 9000 Credits

Loyalty is Royalty
Pets are always useful, but loyal pets are unforgettable, and truly a hero’s best friend. Get your hands on some of the most versatile and helpful pets that Erenor has to offer!

Choose your favorite Loyal Pet from the cute as can be Sea Turtle, the dexterous and speedy Black Sabrefang, or the ever-powerful Arctic Kitsu.

Manastorm Ticket: Loyal Pets – 1100 Credits

Just a Little Change
Go from drab to fab in no time with a Salon Certificate. Spruce up your hair, face paint, and more with only 750 Credits!

Wrapped Salon Certificate – 750 Credits

These deals speed away on May 7th, so make sure to hop on it now!