ArchePass Season 3 Has Arrived!

A new season of the ArchePass has arrived and with it come some unique, useful and awesome new rewards! The newest iterations of the Vocation, Equipment and Combat Passes will last until the 2nd of July so don’t delay!

What can I get?
Each pass contains some really great items so let’s list some of the more prominent ones!

In the Vocation ArchePass, there’s the return of the Fortune Box on Level 13, Level 28 and Level 38 which has a chance to receive a payout anywhere between 20 and 1000 gold! A neat surprise at Level 22 brings a temporary Seaskimmer Speedboat along with a batch of 100 Bound Eco-Friendly Fuel! The grand prize is 4 of the Multi-Wagon Upgrade Tickets, perfect for if you’ve been holding off on upgrading your lil’ Cart!

In the Premium path for the Vocation Pass, kick back and relax with the Rowdy Shore Leave Outfit, the very-well received Sylvas Nocturne costume pieces make a return and the grand prize is the brand new Ancient Riddler Costume!

In the Equipment ArchePass we bring bottles of Moonlight Juice on Level 8 and Bound Lucky Elixir on Level 3 ready for you hard-grinders to farm the mobs away and increase your Loot Drop %. A highly requested but very controversial reward on Level 17 brings a Bound Gold Cat Create which contains either Bound Melee, Magic, Ranged or Healing Gold Cat Undergarments. Eventually, lead on up to the grand prize of Chadwick the Bold, a hamster who knows no fear!

In the Premium path for the Equipment Pass make your way to the beach with the Spotless Shore Leave Outfit and give thanks to the weapons of old with the Hasla Weapon Skin Crate. If that’s not your style, later on in the Pass there is a Glider Customization Crate where you can choose from the Golden Astra Wings or the Dawnbreak Dove glider skins and eventually the final reward being the Black Nobles Whimsey Costume!

In the Combat ArchePass, stock up on Radiant Infusions or Abyssal Enhancers with the Radiant Infusion Supply Kit on levels 8, 17 and 22! Sharpen up your gems at Level 33 with 15 of the Luna Charm Rank 1 items with some Awakening Scrolls being granted at Level 37 from the Improved Hiram Awakening Scroll Ticket (Choose from 7 Sacred Hiram Awakening Scrolls, 5 Blessed Hiram Awakening Scrolls or 3 Divine Hiram Awakening Scrolls!) For this pass, the grand prize is the Firran of Rookborne’s greatest achievement, the Black Eagle Glider Companion.

For the Premium path, turn heads wherever you go with the Shining Shore Leave Outfit. If you want to spruce up your look, there’s also a Salon Certificate so you can look your best, however you fight! The grand prize is the outfit of the unforgettable hero who took down Kyrios himself, Melisara! The Royal Assassin Costume arrives as the Combat pass’ final reward!

Known Issues:
The 4th, 9th, 14th, 24th, 29th, 39th and 44th rewards for all passes are in Korean. They are a box that contains a choice of either a Vocation Point Potion or an Honor Point Potion of various ranks.