What-a-Delivery of Watermelon!

You! Yes youses with the goofy smileses!

I arrived here on the 16th of April but I need to leavses on the 30th of April!

My names is Chad! It means “never giving up” in humanses speaks. I needs your help! We Daru has founds a big big opportunity to have business with humanses because we founds out that humanses love… Watermelons!

Humanses love it so much that we can’ts keeping up with deliverings! But yous a big strong humanses, you can help, yes?

Well… I guess I can he-

First, find the Watermelon Merchant in the humanses big city in Austera, Marianople or Diamond Shores for you piratey humanses.
Then gets the Order Receipt and put it in the big machinses!
Once you dids that, you gets a quest letter, yes? Clicky click on it and pick up your watermelon! No stealsies though, if you puts it down or loses it, it will go poof!

If you’re a Haranises then yous better take it to somewhere in Haranya! If yous a Nuians then somewhere in Nuia is where you go, yes? If yous a scary piraty humanses then take it and set your sailses for Auroria! Your quest bookie book can tell you more…

If youses successful, you gets 2,000 of either those Honor or Vocation Pointses and 10 Watermelon Tokenses! Careful, these tokenses only lasts for a short times!

I has a list of alls the rewards you can gets!
Ancestor’s Coinpurse – 5 Watermelon Token
Bound Lucky Elixir – 5 Watermelon Token
Bound Double Hunting XP Elixir – 5 Watermelon Token
Watermelon Popsicle – 10 Watermelon Token (Limited Time Item)
Radiant Hiram Infusion [5] – 15 Watermelon Token
Hiram Awakening Scroll [3] – 15 Watermelon Token
Decrystallization Scroll – 20 Watermelon Token
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll – 30 Watermelon Token
Yellow Lucky Cat – 30 Watermelon Token
Watermelon Swimwear – 70 Watermelon Token

Be quick humanses! I will only stick around until the 30th of April!
Remember that all of the Tokenses will also expire then too!