ArcheAge: Unchained : Blocking it Out

Starting April 16th, you can dress the part of the Library Expedition member Inoch with truly Astral appearance with flowy robes and steel plating through two different packs. If you’re looking for new weapon images, shoot for the stars with the new Mirage Heir Weapon Crate for your choice of image! Finally, you can block out the haters with the new customizable blockheads and mask!

Block-off your Headspace
UCC is one of the best parts of ArcheAge, so make those brainstorms to good use with these Customizable Blockheads and Masks. Customize with your crests, then equip and stand out amongst the crowd!

Bound Customizable Blockhead – 750 Credits
Bound Beribboned Customizable Blockhead – 750 Credits
Bound Customizable Mask – 750 Credits

Suit Up for Battle
Channel your inner strength and experience what it feels like to walk in Inoch’s shoes (literally) with these gorgeous robes. The flowy sacred robes signify wisdom while the plating signifies the strength of the fiercest warriors. Travel the world and look extraordinary while doing it. However, Inoch’s Astral wings aren’t included, of course.

Inoch’s Outfit Pack – 8000 Credits
Contains: Inoch’s Battle Robes, Magithopter Image: Twilight Wings, Mirage Heir’s Weapon Crate, Dye Ticket, 4x Fusion Alembic

Inoch’s Costume Pack – 2400 Credits
Contains: Inoch’s Battle Robes, Dye Ticket, 2x Fusion Alembic

Shoot for the Stars
Shoot for the stars with the new Mirage Heir weapon images. The stunning combination of white, brown and gold, are sure to make your weapons stand out on the battlefield. Choose between a sword, scepter, club, bow or shield with each Mirage Heir Weapon Crate!

Mirage Heir’s Weapon Crate – 700 Credits
Choose one of the following Mirage Heir images: Mirage Heir’s Sword, Mirage Heir’s Scepter, Mirage Heir’s Club, Mirage Heir’s Bow, Mirage Heir’s Shield

Don’t hold out, these deals turn to dust in 2 weeks!