Troublesome Bunnies and Egg-cellent Adventures

Coral needs your help in Mirage Isle! Coral’s troublesome bunny friends have run off and hid without their eggs! It’s not much of an egg hunt without them, Coral needs you to find those bunnies and hand them their egg. Though she doesn’t have the exact location, she can hint to where they might be hidden!

After maintenance on April 9th, anyone level 20 or above can participate in the daily quests provided by Coral on Mirage Isle. To get to Mirage Isle, take one of the many portals in major cities and most housing areas!

She will give you a hint to find one of her troublesome bunny friends and task you to find them and give them their egg. Once complete, you will be rewarded with Vocation Badges and a Bound Egg Basket!

Alongside the egg hunting fun, a new achievement was added – “Coral’s Helper”! Complete the hunt for a troublesome bunny 6 times and get rewarded with the “Eggcellent Helper” title and 5 Bound Egg Baskets.

Each Bound Egg Basket allows you to choose between the following Eggs: Green Egg – Move Speed +10% for 1 hour
Blue Egg – All Stats +70 for 1 hour
Purple Egg – Skill Damage and Healing +4% for 1 hour
Yellow Egg – Combat Skill Cooldown -10% for 1 hour
Orange Egg – Received Damage -5% for 1 hour

Please note that only one Egg buff can be applied at a time, so choose wisely!

Hop to it and help Coral save Easter before she disappears on April 16th!