Albion Online Theme Song Cover by Günther Wach

We are pleased to announce that a very special guest has delivered an innovative experimental cover of the Albion Online theme song. The composer is none other than Günther Wach, the up-and-coming artiste in Berlin’s avant-garde music scene!
Before we present the cover to you, we managed to personally get in touch with Herr Wach himself to ask a couple of questions about his work (not an easy feat – he’s quite a busy man!).

What made you choose to do a cover of the Albion Online Theme song?

Albion Online has always meant a lot to me – from the full-loot system where I’ve spent many sleepless nights over losing my Command Mammoth to getting ganked in a deeply unfair 20v1 fight. It really teaches you the power of resilience, numbers and fighting for what you believe in.

The world is unfair, get used to it.

Actually, Albion Online is really like a metaphor for me. A small indie game overcoming all odds to succeed in a niche market… and I, who was once a lowly, unknown misfit, but now THE rising star of Berlin.

I resonate with it so much.

Interesting. And what’s the inspiration for your work?

Simple. Three things:

  • Oat milk
  • Daily yoga and meditation
  • A constant state of existential crisis

Anything else you’d like to mention about the game?

I would love to do a musical K-Pop Dev Talk with Robin Henkys. I think it would be a T8.3 Masterpiece!

Finally, the moment we’ve all been waiting for…

Happy April Fool’s, everyone!