Silver, Gold, Archeum – The New Shadows Revealed Packs Have Arrived!

Just started playing ArcheAge and looking for a way to speed up your progress? Or perhaps you are already an experienced, long-time player, wanting to make the most out of the time and effort you’re putting into your character?

Well, look no further, because our new Shadows Revealed Packs offer exactly what you’ve been looking for. Not to mention, they’re amazing deals that you’ll be hard-pressed to find anywhere else.

Silver Pack

Come what may and flay what comes, the Shadows Revealed Silver Pack arrives and with it come some useful supplies. Eyes on the prize with items such as the Loyalty Token 50-Pack or ready yourself for battle with a Wrapped Serendipity Stone and Radiant Infusion Supply Kits to boot!

Some more highlights from the Silver Pack include:

• 30 Days of Patron
Get account-wide access to tons of awesome benefits, including increased Labor gains, bonus experience, the ability to own land & more.

• Resplendent Weapon & Armor Tempering Charms
Double your chances when you temper your weapon or armor with these Resplendent Tempering Charms!

• 150 Bound Tax Certificates
Keep your property by using these to pay to maintain your houses, gardens, and farms.

View the full Shadows Revealed Silver Pack right here!

Gold Pack

Dress for success in all that may come with the Shadows Revealed Gold Pack. With your ferocious Bjorn, scare your enemies into surrender and make sure you’re never caught off guard with your very own Anywhere Warehouse!

Also included in the Gold Pack (among many more things):

• Mountain Tribe Costume
As ferocious as the Rokhala Tribes themselves, this costume is sure to send your enemies packing!

• 2 Resplendent Lunar & Solar Tempers
Increasing the defense of your armor and weapons is not an issue anymore with the Resplendent Lunar or Solar Temper!

• 2500 Credits
Purchase incredible items – including mounts, pets, costumes & more – from the ArcheAge in-game marketplace.

• As well as more of the same goodies from the Silver Pack!

Interested? Take a look at the full Shadows Revealed Gold Pack right here!

Archeum Pack

Strike hard from above with your very own Enhanced Gargoyle Guardian Wings from the Shadows Revealed Archeum Pack! Boost your power and reach for eternal with your own Duun’s Blessing or pick out what catches your fancy with triple the Loyalty Token 50-Pack!

Even more glorious boons included, for example:

• Ebonfur Bjorn
This big bad bear has been trained to be a cute and cuddle mount!

• Wrapped Enhanced Gargoyle Guardian Wings
The wings of dragon hunters, glide free with this majestic magithopter.

• 4 Expansion Scrolls
Expand your inventory!

• As well as more Tempering Charms, Tax Certificates, and all the other awesome things from the Silver and Gold Packs!

What are you waiting for? Check out the Shadows Revealed Archeum Pack now!

Get these amazing deals while they’re hot! You never know when you might need that extra bit of luck when improving your gear, or a truly intimidating mount to trample your foes wherever you go in Erenor!

Get the Shadows Revealed Silver, Gold, and Archeum Packs right here!