ArcheAge: Phantoms and Phoenixes!

From March 19th until April 2nd you’ll have to manage your Mana wisely with the stunning Black Fledgling Phoenix pet or be lucky enough to ally with the Dreamwinder to damage your enemies from a far distance. If a powerful pet isn’t interesting enough, you can disguise yourself amongst the fabled and feared Eclipse Knights to strike fear into your enemies, traitors, and practitioners of the Dark Arts.

Not-So-Secret Organization
Disguise yourself amongst the Eclipse Knights with the costume and weapon skins to match! Choose a package that suits you, whether you take to the skies with the Ravespine Wings or not, these masked costumes are sure to scare all the enemies and traitors you come across.

Eclipse Knight Outfit Pack – 10000 Credits

Magithopter Image: Ravenspine Wings, Eclipse Knight Costume, Bound Hellkissed Weapon Crate (x2), Fusion Alembic (x4), Dye Ticket

Eclipse Knight Costume Pack – 3000 Credits

Eclipse Knight Costume, Fusion Alembic (x2), Dye Ticket

Bound Hellkissed Weapon Crate – 700 Credits
Choose one weapon skin of your choice!

The Power of Mana
Mana is a powerful resource that both the Black Fledgling Phoenix and the Dreamwinder have tapped into. Choose the Black Fledgling Phoenix for its ability to protect you by blessing you with its mana shield, that drains your mana instead of your health with incoming damage. If you’re looking for a pet to be more on your offense, the Dreamwinder steals mana from its enemies to do powerful attacks from a distance.

Have the chance to obtain the Black Fledgling Phoenix and Dreamwinder from their crates! You can also purchase the Black Fledgling Phoenix for Loyalty.

Black Fledgling Phoenix Crate – 450 Credits
Black Fledgling Phoenix – 650 Loyalty
Dreamwinder Crate – 450 Credits

Sleek and Stylish
Everyone changes their look, but what about changing up the look of your glider? The Glider Customization: Moonshadow Glider is perfect for those who love their Glider’s abilities, but want to switch up the look. This sleek glider is sure to be a showstopper around the town and the battlefield.

Glider Customization: Moonshadow Glider – 3750 Credits

These deals vanish into the ether in two weeks!