From us, with Love! – Gifts for All: Part 3!

Starting on Thursday, February 27th, and lasting until one week later,
March 5th, come and get your free gifts once again! Ride into the
setting sun on your Steambike or Kamari and upgrade your gear with
Serendipity Stones and Honorforged Medals!

Get Your Engines Revving!
Cobbled together by crafty Warborn tinkerers, Daru’s Maxxed Steambike lets you traverse the Sunbite Mountains (or really any other landscape) in glorious steaming style for 7 days! With an engine like this, it can even carry two Packs for you!

Eye of the Tiger!
Feel like one of Empress Pavitra’s famed and feared cavalrymen of old with the 7-Day Kamari, a ferocious tiger that carries you into battle! She will gnaw her way through your foes left and right!

This mount cannot equip armor.

Craft to Your Heart’s Content!
Currently upgrading your gear again? Didn’t get the stat you wanted? Not to fret! With the Bound Serendipity Stone, you can reroll a new random effect for your weapon or armor, and the Honorforged Medal will prove to be a valuable boon as well!

7-Day Scroll: Daru’s Maxxed Steambike* – Free!
Honorforged Medal** – Free!
Bound Serendipity Stone* – Free!

*1 per account
** 2 per account
*** 1 per account/day

Don’t wait too long or the Kamari will jump on the Steambike and ride into the sunset without you!