ArcheAge: Costumes, Buildings and Gliders. Oh My!

Beginning on February 27, 2020 you can grab some new costume, glider and
building designs for your sweet, sweet Gilda Stars. These designs are
sure to put you in a crafting mood!

More Designs for your Gilda!
Get your hands on design new to the marketplace for some great deals. Choose to live amongst the trees in the Treehouse Building Bundle, or choose to craft and rock a new look with the new Lordly Iceraven Robe Design.

Small Breath of Life – 10 Gilda
Spired Chateau Design – 3000 Gilda
Treehouse Building Bundle – 800 Gilda
Skywhisper Glider Design – 300 Gilda
Thunderbolt Glider Design – 150 Gilda
Moonshadow Glider Design – 150 Gilda
Red Dragon Glider Design – 150 Gilda
Ezi’s Glider Design – 150 Gilda
Ultimate Glider Design – 15 Gilda
Enhanced Glider Design – 10 Gilda
Improved Glider Design – 5 Gilda
Experimental Glider Design – 1 Gilda
Silverwolf Plate Design – 100 Gilda
Lordly Iceraven Robes Design – 100 Gilda
Imperial Huntsman’s Leathers Design – 100 Gilda

*In the latest AA Marketplace Update, the March Equipment Upgrade states it is purchaseable once per character when it is only purchaseable once per account.