Call to Glory is Live

Call to Glory, the February 2020 competitive content update, is now live. It’s time to join the fight!

Today’s release includes Swiss tournaments, mini seasons, a new Warlord’s armor set, a new Guildrider Warclaw Skin reward track, and extensive balance changes for each profession. Check out the update notes on our forums for all the details.

Getting Started

Are you new to the battles raging in the Mists? Here are some tips!

Guild Wars 2 offers two competitive game modes: World vs. World (WvW) and structured Player vs. Player (PvP). WvW features large-scale battles with many players, and gameplay focuses on helping your allies capture, hold, and upgrade as much territory as possible. In PvP you’ll engage in shorter matchups between teams of two to five people, and conditions for victory are determined by the map you play in.

Entering the Mists

You can jump in from anywhere in the world by pressing the WvW (tower) or PvP (crossed swords) icons on the menu bar at the top of your screen. These will open special browsers with lots of information about the status of your account in the game mode of your choice, as well as options to join current matchups.

If you’re playing with a free Guild Wars 2 account, you can access WvW after you’ve reached level 60 with a character.

Until you’ve reached PvP Rank 20 you can only enter Unranked and Custom PvP games.

Getting Your Bearings

The PvP lobby, Heart of the Mists, features useful services like a PvP Instructor NPC, training dummies, bank and trading post access, and vendors. Other players can’t attack you here, so it’s a good place to get comfortable before your first match.

In PvP, all character levels are set to 80 and all gear and weapons are of equal level and quality. Your PvP gear can be viewed in the Heart of the Mists by clicking the helmet icon in the top center of your screen.

Your PvP attributes are contained in an amulet rather than being spread out across several pieces of gear. Select the amulet slot in your PvP Hero pane to choose one from a list. You can select runes and sigils for your amulet and weapons in the same way.

When you’re ready to try a match, click the “Play Now” button in the game browser window. On loading into a map, you’ll see an instructions window with information about the goals of gameplay and conditions for victory. These are different for each map, so it helps to read them carefully! You can also choose to spectate if you want to see how the map works in action.

PvP can be complex, but other players are often willing to help. Start by visiting, a member of the ArenaNet Partner Program, and check out the guides and builds available on the site.

World vs. World matches take place over several large battlefield maps. The core of combat is the Eternal Battlegrounds, but each world has its own borderlands map to defend as well. Your world is determined by the choice you made the first time you logged in and can be changed at the login screen with a gem fee.

Your character will spawn in a friendly base staffed with helpful NPCs and vendors where players from other worlds can’t enter or attack you. Once you leave it, you’re free to roam around the maps just like you can in the open world—but there’s safety in numbers, and it’s best to find a commander and a group of other players to explore with. If you have trouble catching up, WvW commanders will usually return to the waypoint periodically to take a break and pick up new squadmates.

Triumph in WvW is a group endeavor that requires foresight and strategic planning. Commanders will often stay in contact with each other, and may have spies and small roaming parties active throughout the Mists. A good commander will give clear instructions and following them will ensure your whole squad works together smoothly.

While all characters are level 80 in WvW, the gear and armor you bring can make a big difference in your survivability and effectiveness. Unlike PvP, equipment and attributes work identically in WvW and PvE, so you may want to obtain a set of gear to suit your WvW build.

While you’re learning the ins and outs of WvW gameplay or waiting for space in a map, Edge of the Mists is a fun way to get started, earn rewards, and gain World vs. World experience points.

We’re cheering you on to victory!