Regarding 3rd Party Software and Network Traffic (aka: do not cheat.) [Update: 18:12 UTC, 24.02.20]

Hey there,

Sometimes cheat makers claim that their tools are allowed. Don’t believe them. We want to make sure you are aware what additional tools you are allowed to use and which not. The following is most definitely not allowed:

  • Anything that gives you a direct benefit in PvE, gathering, or PvP is not allowed. For example, this includes any type of auto-inspect tool or any type of radar tool that displays the in-game nametags on a separate minimap. It would also include any type of “auto-scouting” tool that generates a discord message if it spots a player or something like that.
  • In general, anything that modifies the game client, for example through automated scripts, or by displaying extra information to the player in the client, is not allowed.
  • When it comes to data gathering / data mining, we are usually fine with a website aggregating Albion market data if they do so
    • i) using technical means approved by us, and
    • ii) without negatively affecting our servers when collecting the data, and
    • iii) as long as the data is made available on a website and not, for example, through an in-game modification or overlay, and
    • iv) if it does not provide a real-time in-game advantage.

There are of course a number of cases of “clearly okay” and “clearly cheating”, there are also a limitless number of possible fringe cases. Thus: if you are unsure if a certain type of software or tool is allowed or not to be used with Albion Online, please ask us, telling us exactly what specific thing you’d like to use or do. Because if you use a prohibited tool, we will ban you.

How to ask?

Please email with the name and details of the software or specific thing you’d like to use or do, and they will respond accordingly.

Happy Friday! ^^

Update (18:12 UTC, 24.02.20):

Mytherceria schrieb:

Hi everyone,

Seeing as there has been a fair amount of interest in this topic, we have decided to move all requests to clarify what is and isn’t allowed to

Just to give you some examples: Albion Online 2D, Albion Data Project and DPS Meter are generally ok to use for now, but if the scope of the software changes in the future, then please be aware that our stance on it might change too. So when in doubt, always check with in with support.

We have also reviewed that posting links to said software in this thread may not be the appropriate channel to address this. Therefore, I have removed those links from your posts and closed this thread.

Please contact support if you wish seek clarification on a specific software.