Archeage: Unchained: Skill Saving up for Spring

Beginning February 13th, 2020 prepare for the most requested item to come to the Diligence Coin Shop to help save your skills and begin your Spring Wardrobe Refresh!

Update Your Spring Wardrobe
Spring is just around the bend, so what better way to prepare than with a new costume for your wardrobe? Become one of those most fashionable cows with the Blooming Spring Cow Chroma, and choose a color to dye it with!

Blooming Spring Cow Chroma – 2450 Credits

Skillset Saving Magic
A highly requested item has just arrived in the Diligence Shop! Save your skillset for later use with the Saving Pendant. This pendant is a game-changer, and for 100 Diligence Points, it can be yours!
This offer is a permanent installation to the Diligence Coin Shop.

Saving Pendant – 100 Diligence Coins

Don’t wait, some of these deals strut away soon!