ArcheAge: Unchained – Romance is in the Air!

Beginning February 6th, 2020, you’ll have a chance to romance your
partner, and treat yourself for this upcoming Valentine’s Day! Sweet
atmosphere and even sweeter decor and buffs in this lovely Marketplace

Symbols of Affection, And Power
Love is in the air, or is that just the flowers? Get your hands on some sweet treats and lovely flowers in the form of weapon skins. No matter your weapon of choice, there’s a lovely skin made just for you!

Blossom Bulwark – 200 Credits
Fragrant Fencer – 200 Credits
Garland Greatsword – 200 Credits
Bouquet Blade – 200 Credits
Nosegay Nodachi – 200 Credits
Backstab Boutonniere – 200 Credits
Perennial Poker – 200 Credits
Perennial Pike – 200 Credits
Sweet Sprinkle Scepter – 200 Credits
Sweet Sprinkle – 200 Credits
Marshmallow Masher – 200 Credits
Marshmallow Maul – 200 Credits
Chocolate Chopper – 200 Credits
Bonbon Beheader – 200 Credits
Sugarshot Bow – 200 Credits
Macaron Mandolin – 200 Credits
Floral Flute – 200 Credits

Enjoy a Sugary Decor Overload
Chocolates and candies are the pinnacle of romance, and if you’ve got a sweet tooth then these home decor items are certainly for you! What better way to surprise your sweetheart than with a house decorated with sweets galore? These donuts, jellies and macroons will keep you on a sugar high for awhile. If sweets isn’t for you, take a camp out with your sweetheart and stargaze near the warmth of the Romantic Campfire!

Sugar Overload Pack – 2500 Credits
Apple Jelly Chair – 150 Credits
Grape Jelly Chair – 150 Credits
Lollipop Wall Lamp – 100 Credits
Ice Cream Sandwich Rug – 200 Credits
Strawberry Cake Table – 300
Credits Small Marshmallow Stick – 100 Credits
Large Marshmallow Stick – 150 Credits
Small Candy Cane – 100 Credits
Large Candy Cane – 150 Credits
Small Ginger Snap – 100 Credits
Large Ginger Snap – 150 Credits
Small Matcha Macaroon – 100 Credits
Large Matcha Macaroon – 150 Credits
Small Heart-Shaped Donut – 100 Credits
Large Heart-Shaped Donut – 150 Credits
Small Rasperry Macaroon – 100 Credits
Large Rasperry Macaroon – 150 Credits

Romantic Campfire – 350 Credits
Lovers’ Log Bench – 350 Credits
Cupid’s Fireworks – 400 Credits

Chocolate-Giving Spirit
Even though Valentine’s is about giving to others, don’t forget to treat yourself too! While caught up in all the romance and passion it’s easy to forget about yourself. We’ve got just the gift for you! This sweet chocolate gift will give you and your partner a buff increasing your EXP gained and loot chance for an hour!

Chocolate Treat* – 1 Diligence Coin**
*The Chocolate Treat will disappear after 2 weeks from the marketplace.
** Limited to one per account per day.
Has a timer of 7 days which counts down on purchase.

Don’t wait up, these sweet deals expire soon!