Saving Everyone’s Valentines

The “Saving Everyone’s Valentines” event starts on the 6th of February and runs until the 20th of February in both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained. Players must be level 30 or over to participate!

Enjoy the festival of love this month in Marianople for the Saving Everyone’s Valentines event, help the Chocolate Merchant Piero complete his delicious deliveries to earn event coins, which you can swap for great rewards!

There will be a world-gate in Austera and in Diamond Shores to get to Marianople, which will be in a festival period to make sure that everyone shares in the love. Once you arrive, be sure to find Chocolate Merchant Piero and help in with his deliveries!

There are all kinds of amazing rewards for helping Piero that you can get from the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Island:

* Bound Tax Certificate x 30 – 10 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Bound Lucky Elixir x 2 – 10 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Lucky Hiram Infusion x 6 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Hiram Awakening Scroll x 15 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Manastorm Crystal x 20 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coin (Legacy Only)
* White Romance Table – 50 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Bound Serendipity Stone – 100 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Kitty Onesie – 130 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Puppy Onesie – 130 Valentine’s Day Coin
* Title: Sweet Tooth – 10 Valentine’s Day Coin