From us, with Love! – Gifts for all!

From now until February 13th in ArcheAge: Unchained be sure to pick up your pots and go for a ride with these precious gifts to help you progress faster, give you that boost you need or to introduce you to exciting new items you may not have seen before. All of this from us to you, with different rotating items every two weeks!

Pick up These Lovely Gifts, All For Free!

Time to feel the wind in your hair and stack up that labor with these fantastic gifts from us to you.

For a limited time until February the 13th make sure you head over to the Marketplace and pick up your 15-Day Redwood Roadster – time to be fast and fabulous!

If that isn’t enough, keep that energy up with the Garden Elixir! Straight from the depths of Auroria itself, this Elixir grants you more labor for a limited time each day – be quick!

Lastly for those who feel the urge to purge, we’re giving you a Bound Sunlight Juice each day to rack up those Honor Points.

These are just the first batch of items in our 2-week item rotation, got ideas and suggestions for new items in upcoming rotations? Let us know on Discord and the Forums!

15-Day Scroll: Redwood Roadster** – Free
Garden Elixir* – Free
Bound Sunlight Juice* – Free

* Obtainable once per day per account
** One per account

These items are only obtainable until February 13th, so don’t wait to pick them up!