Dress for Success (and Naps)

Discounts for ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained!

For a limited time in both ArcheAge and ArcheAge: Unchained, various items will be on sale! Don’t forget to take a look in the marketplace to see what is discounted, and pick up a few sweet items on an even sweeter deal!

ArcheAge Free-to-Play Marketplace Update:

Beginning on January 30th, 2020 and lasting until February 13th, 2020
you can take a rest in the coziest rabbit pajamas in Erenor and snuggle
up to the coziest plushie in Erenor and dress the part of a true
battlefield hero.

Choose your Battle Style

Whether you choose to stay at a distance or charge into battle, your battle style is just as important as the skills you use! Battle plates, flowing robes, and other Regalia to make you memorable when you defeat your enemies on the battlefield.

Orchidna’s Snakeskin Shroud – 3000 Credits
Tahyang’s Battle Plate – 3000 Credits
Restless Dancer Costume – 3000 Credits
Royal Assassin Costume – 3000 Credits
Legendary Assassin Costume – 3000 Credits
Immortal Guardian’s Robes – 3000 Credits
Golden Phoenix Regalia – 3000 Credits
Reedwind Champion Costume – 3000 Credits

Get a Good Nights (or Day) Rest

Tuck yourself into the coziest carrot pajamas! Made of the finest and most plush materials to assist you to fall asleep faster with a Labor Bonus! Need something comfier to replace your bording old bed? Look no further than the Naptime Yata to snuggle up to before catching even more Zzz’s!

Rousing Rabbit Pajama Package – 3800 Credits
Contains: Rousing Rabbit Pajama Top, Rousing Rabbit Pajama Bottoms, Rousing Rabbit Pajama Mittens, Rousing Rabbit Pajama Slippers, Rousing Rabbit Pajama Sleepmask
Naptime Yata Plushie – 3000 Credits

5-Days of Fortune

Get various goodies 5-days in a row for a great price! This 5-Day Fortune Box is the gift that keeps giving with costumes, consumables and mounts!

Wrapped 5-Day Fortune Box* – 4000 Credits

* States you only receive one of each of the grimoires, but you will receive 10. Additionally, Adventurer’s Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy and Bound Combat Scroll: Attack can be converted to Judges Longing and Kyrios Badges respectively.

Don’t sleep on these deals for too long, they poof away in 2 weeks!