Some territories displaying incorrect “attackable” countdowns

Guild Season 8 begins on Saturday, with all territories being first attackable during either the EU (Saturday 18 UTC) or NA (Sunday 1 UTC) time period.

Currently, 12 territories in the Outlands display an incorrect countdown:

Showing as 1 UTC, actually 18 UTC:

  • Southgrove Thicket
  • Sunstrand Dunes
  • Skysand Ridge
  • Highstone Plateau
  • Frostspring Passage
  • Glacierfall Valley

Showing as 18 UTC, actually 1 UTC:

  • Westweald Shore
  • Farshore Heath
  • Sunfang Cliffs
  • Frostbite Mountain
  • Everwinter Passage
  • Glacierfall Fissure

These timers will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix before the start of Season 8 on Saturday.