ArcheAge: Under the Sea

Beginning January 23, 2020 and lasting until February 5th, 2020, you will have the ability to mount a fierce Mechanical Kraken and aquafarm into something sophisticated and classic!

Release the Kraken!
Mechanical engineering has generated one of the most powerful and tentacle-y mounts in Erenor.
Purchase the mount and accessories for loyalty or have a chance to receive this mechanical monster in it’s crate!

Mechanical Kraken Crate – 450 Credits
Mechanical Kraken – 650 Loyalty
Mechanical Kraken Helmet – 60 Loyalty
Mechanical Kraken Saddle – 50 Loyalty
Mechanical Kraken Legguards – 65 Loyalty

A Pearl-fect Fit!
Nothing is more enjoyable than finding a pearl, but what if it lit up your Aquafarm too? This Design has that and more. The Pearl Aquafarm Design includes a breathing apparatus to allow you to stay underwater for longer, but beware as it’s subjected to heavier taxes!

Pearl Aquafarm Design – 2000 Credits

Change It Up
Everyone needs a change every now and again, and this pack does just that! Transform into something more beautiful, whether that’s changing a hair style or changing your whole look!

Transformation Pack – 1100 Credits
Contains: Salon Certificate and Gender Swap Certificate*
*It is recommended to use the Gender Swap Certificate first, and then the Salon Certificate if you are looking to use both

Tools for your Travels
A hero isn’t a hero without the proper tools! Get your hands on a 15-day Cloaked Radiant Hiram weapon to show your enemies you’re a force to be reckoned with. Violence not your forte? No worries, grab some Multiwagon Upgrade Tickets to change up the appearance of your farm vehicles!

15-Day Cloaked Radiant Hiram Weapon** – 1000 Credits
Limited 2 per account

Multiwagon Upgrade Ticket (10) – 3500 Credits

**These weapons can be tempered. However, after the item expires the materials used will not be refunded.

These sales drift away with the tide in 2 weeks, so don’t hold out!