Ring In the New Year at the Black Lion Trading Company

    Year of the Rat Chest


    Inside each chest, you’re guaranteed to find the Evon Gnashblade Lucky Envelope, a redeemable Black Lion Statuette, and two common items. You also have a chance to find something rarer in the fifth slot, including exclusive items, glyphs, and skins from the Crimson Lion Weapon Collection and Zodiac Weapon Collection.

    Guaranteed Item—The Evon Gnashblade Lucky Envelope
    Open this lucky envelope to find luck, traditional foods, fireworks, and special items.


    Exclusive Items—Black Lion Exclusive Mount Selection and Fire-Breathing Package
    Use this box to unlock your favorite exclusive mount skin from the list below! You also have the option to choose a Golden Black Lion Chest Key instead.

    • Tremor Armadillo Roller Beetle Skin
    • Infernal Horror Springer Skin
    • Sun Temple Gecko Springer Skin
    • Summit Wildhorn Springer Skin
    • Umbral Demon Skimmer Skin
    • Magnificent Hummingbird Skimmer Skin
    • Resplendent Avialan Raptor Skin
    • Gallant Lightbearer Raptor Skin
    • Dreadnought Raptor Skin
    • Reforged Warhound Jackal Skin
    • Shrine Guardian Jackal Skin
    • Primal Spirit Jackal Skin
    • Nightfang Griffon Skin
    • Grand Lion Griffon Skin
    • Shimmerwing Skyscale Skin

    The Fire-Breathing Package has also returned as an exclusive item. Use it to unlock the Fire-Breathing Longbow and Fire-Breathing Quiver.

    Draconic Weapon Collection
    In search of a look with some real teeth? Our master weapon designers have dreamed up extraordinary weapon skins inspired by dragons. They’re available for one Black Lion Claim Ticket per skin from Black Lion Weapons Specialists.

    Celestial Rat Cape


    It’s the Year of the Rat! Show off your love for this furry little friend with a new cape.

    What’s in Stock

    This week we’re refreshing our selection of minis. Keep an eye out for returning favorites!

    Returning Today

    • Staff of Fortune Skin—25% Off
    • Celestial Rooster Glider—30% Off
    • Flying Boar Glider—30% Off

    Returning This Week

    • Imperial Outfit—30% Off
    • Ancestral Outfit—30% Off
    • Red Envelope Mail Carrier—40% Off
    • Gifts Mail Delivery—40% Off
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