Albion East is Launching Soon

The new Albion East server will open to everyone on March 20. And you can get up to five days early access if you purchase an Albion East Founder Pack. The new server will offer a fully untouched version of the world, and those who arrive first will have a head start on gathering, crafting, and developing their characters.

The gameworld will be somewhat smaller than Albion West at first, in order to maintain a healthy competition for territory and resources. But as player numbers grow and characters develop, the world will expand accordingly. See this forum post for more details.

The different Founder Packs available and their access dates are as follows:

  • Crystal Founder: March 15
  • Gold Founder: March 15
  • Silver Founder: March 17
  • Bronze Founder: March 19

Whenever you choose to start playing on Albion East, we can’t wait to see what you make of this fresh version of the world, and to see more exciting battles and a flourishing economy develop. Get ready to make your mark!

Special Twitch Drop Campaign

To celebrate the launch of Albion East, we’re running a special Twitch Drop campaign from March 15-29, with exclusive chests containing brand-new items. During this period, campaigns will run daily rather than weekly, meaning you can earn chests each day by watching any channel participating in our regular campaigns. For details, check out this forum post