“Create a signature” contest!

Hello Adventurers!

As you can see, we have two new Community Managers on our team (one of them is me): Emii and Siri.

We are new at the forum and don’t have cool signatures yet. But worry not! Our community is very artistic, and has a special tradition just for situations like that!

So it’s time to announce another…

Official forum signature contest!



  • Emii and Siri will choose one signature each and will use them in the future. The authors of those chosen signatures will be declared winners!
  • You can submit as many signatures as you like.
  • We might also choose some runner-ups if there are lots of good entries. They will get bonus prizes.


  • Create an image that will be used as a signature picture;
  • Must be Albion Online themed;
  • Must include our respective forum names;
  • Resolution of the image must not exceed 800×150 pixels;
  • Format must be .png or .jpg;
  • Submit your entry in this thread by September 15. 10:00 UTC.


  • The winner will receive 1 vanity mount FROM THE VANITY CASH SHOP of your choosing (only the single ones, not the bundles) & 3 months of premium status;
  • Runner-ups will receive 1 month of premium status each.

Some hints for you:

Favorite color: Red
Hair color: Light Blond
Eye color: Green
Direwolf Hellhound


Favorite color: Green
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Blue
Sabertooth Rex

Good luck! We know you’re extremely talented, and it’s time to show off your skills!

You can find a guide on creating forum signatures here: [Guide] The Ultimate Signature Guide! o/