Guardian’s Gala is well underway

The Gala is well underway so make sure you warp in and take part in the new combat and hacking sites all across New Eden. These sites drop exclusive loot and Data Fragments. Collect and return these Data Fragments to ORE and you’ll be rewarded with early access to new compression-related skillbooks to get a jump start on the new technology.

Don’t forget that there are some amazing new bundles available in the EVE Store during this event only! Expiring on 22 February, there are two great deals. Buy the Double Boost Bundle to get the Training Boost Bundle and get a Starter Training Boost thrown in free, or choose the slick new Heartsurge Bundle instead.

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Enjoy the event while there’s still time and make sure you check out the popular pink Heartsurge and Eros Blossom SKINs in the New Eden Store – returning only during the Gala.