All-Out Cruiser Brawl in the Proving Grounds!

Unstoppable Capsuleers,

Return to a classic Proving Grounds format in a special one-day throwback event on 31 July! Heavy assault, recon, and pirate faction cruisers are all eligible to enter the fray, where combat range cannot be reduced and meta levels are completely unrestricted – giving Capsuleers a chance to clash in their strongest ships, fitted with every advantage you can bring!

The ruleset for this event is as follows:
– Only heavy assault, recon, and pirate faction cruisers may enter
– Unlike usual, this also includes Triglavian, EDENCOM, and AT cruisers!
– Sensor dampeners and range scripts for weapon disruptor modules are banned
– No restrictions on meta levels, including modules and implants

Prepare your ships and your Proving Ground filaments, found in Abyssal Deadspace caches or on the in-game market, and demonstrate your full potential as you climb the Proving Ground leaderboard, gaining notoriety and earning special rewards!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Unlike most Proving Grounds, this event will be open for only 24 hours, from 11:00 UTC on 31 July until 11:00 UTC on 1 August.