Rock ‘n’ Scroll Is Back!

Get to Rocking and Scrolling, the Rock ‘n’ Scroll event is returning July 8! After the maintenance on July 8, grab your Ruby from the marketplace for 10 Loyalty Tokens on ArcheAge and 10 Diligence coins on ArcheAge: Unchained up to 3 times per account.

Every day during the event, players level 30 and above that maintain an online connection for two consecutive hours will receive a Gem Upgrade Scroll! This scroll can be claimed by activating the button in the lower-left corner of the screen. You can obtain 10 Gem Upgrade Scrolls per day, per account through consistent gameplay!

Use your Gem Upgrade Scroll to upgrade your Ruby all the way up to a Prismatic Diamond (if you so choose!) These Scrolls work similarly to Awakening equipment, so the possibility of failure is there. If you have upgraded all 3 of your gems, you can exchange the remaining Gem Upgrade Scrolls you receive for 5 Gilda Stars at the Gem Exchanger.

There are also Daily Quests to get your fix of Gem Upgrade Scrolls. Compete in the faction competitions, complete your family quests, and participate in the daily militia quests in order to get even more scrolls!

Beautiful Gems! What are they for?

After you’re done upgrading your Gem, head to the Gem Exchanger on Mirage Isle and exchange it for a reward that aligns with your gem’s current rank! This year, some rewards have changed. The rewards are:

Ruby (Rank 1) – F2P: 3x Manastorm Crystals (Bound) – B2P: 10x Diligence Coins (Bound)
Garnet (Rank 2) – 2x Decrystallization Scrolls
Topaz (Rank 3) – 4x Honorable Potion Crate: Rank 1
Citrine (Rank 4) – 50x Radiant Hiram Infusion
Emerald (Rank 5) – 5x Bound Temper Crate
Jade (Rank 6) – 1x Dreamwinder
Sapphire (Rank 7) – 1x Hedgie Crate
Aquamarine (Rank 8) – 1x Serendipity Stone Crate
Crystal (Rank 9) – 30x Akasch Token Crate
Zircon (Rank 10) – 1x Celestial Pegasus
Diamond (Rank 11) – 1x Mythic Synthesis Crate
Prismatic Diamond (Rank 12) – 1x Eternal Synthesis Crate

Please Note: All of these rewards from the Gem Exchanger are bound to your character!

What can you expect to find in the Crates?

Bound Temper Crate – Select one from:

Bound Weapon Tempering Charm x2
Bound Armor Tempering Charm x8
Solar Temper x30
Lunar Temper x30

Serendipity Stone Crate – Has a chance to grant up to 30 Bound Serendipity Stones.

Mythic Synthesis Crate – Select one from:

Mythic Hiram Infusion Bundle (Bound)
Contains: Unidentified Mythic Hiram Infusion Scroll x30, Labor Recharger x5
Mythic Abyssal Enhancer Bundle (Bound)
Contains: Unidentified Mythic Abyssal Enhancer x30, Labor Recharger x5
Serendipity Stone Crate (Bound) x1
Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll x2*

Eternal Synthesis Crate – Select one from:

Eternal Hiram Infusion Bundle (Bound)
Contains: Unidentified Eternal Hiram Infusion x20, Bound Labor Recharger x10
Eternal Abyssal Enhancer Bundle (Bound)
Contains: Unidentified Eternal Abyssal Enhancer x20, Bound Labor Recharger x10
Superior Serendipity Stone Crate (Bound) x1
Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll x4*

* These items are not bound and are tradable.

So log in now and get your Scroll on before this event ends! Please keep in mind that before the maintenance on July 29, Gem Upgrade Scrolls will be removed. The Gem Exchanger and Gems will disappear before the maintenance on August 5.