An Adventurer’s Tropical Getaway

As the temperatures rise in Erenor, the deals just get hotter! Take a look into this week’s Marketplace Update to get new costumes, companions, and even get Merchant’s Costumes for the first time in ArcheAge: Unchained. So many deals await, let’s dive into this week’s Marketplace Update!

ArcheAge Free-to-Play Marketplace Update:

Tropical Getaway
Being an adventurer is hard work, so why not bring some of the tropical paradise with you? Have a chance to get your claws on the Hermit Crab mount in the Hermit Crab Crate, or take a chance to get a brand new coconutty glider to take you from place to place in the Coconut Glider Crate. These crates are available until July 15.

Hermit Crab Crate – 450 Credits
Coconut Glider Crate – 450 Credits

A Merchant’s Best Friend
While being a Merchant is great, why not make yourself more efficient with a Merchant Costume! Each costume has its own buffs, including increased movement speed, experience gained from spending labor, and other useful things to get the most out of your experience in Erenor. These costumes are available until July 22.

Merchant’s Costume: Trade – 2700 Credits
Merchant’s Costume: Basic – 2700 Credits
Merchant’s Costume: Fishing – 2700 Credits*

*The Swim Speed boost is only visible while the affected skill is on cooldown.

Daru’s Special Costumeses
Get ready to head to the warm sandy beaches throughout Erenor with the Daru’s Special Costumer Offer: #11, and get a random new swimsuit that’ll be perfect for your next vacation from being an adventurer. This crate is available until August 5.

Daru’s Special Costume Offer: #11 – 799 Credits*
Randomly grants a Bubblegum Swimwear, Breezy Floral Swimwear, or a Black Pearl Swimwear.

*Limited 1x per account

Monthly Package Refresh
Out with the old and in with the new! The June Monthly Packages have left the marketplace and the July Monthly Packs have taken their place. Refresh your inventory with goods to help you better your gear and get more done in the world of Erenor.

Loyalty Shop Additions
New items have been added to the Loyalty Shop, including the Ruby (Rank 1) for the highly requested Rock ‘n’ Scroll event. View the details for this event here.

Coconut Zephyr Glider – 600 Loyalty
Ruby (Rank 1) – 10 Loyalty

ArcheAge: Unchained Marketplace Update:

A Narayanan’s Duty
Dress the part of the Narayana Warriors, dedicated to defending their sacred city with even more goodies! Get your very own Narayana Squire to order around and assist you as a powerful adventurer. This pack is available until July 22.

Narayana Pack – 5500 Credits
• Enhanced Cumulus Magithopter
• Narayana Warrior’s Garb
• Narayana Squire
• Narayana Weapon Image Items

Support Your ArchePass
Get the goods needed to get your ArchePass and Advanced ArchePass into the perfect state with the ArchePass Support Pack #2, available until July 22.

Archepass Support Pack #2 – 6000 Credits
• ArchePass Upgrade Ticket x1
• Advanced ArchePass Upgrade Ticket x1
• ArchePass XP Boost x3

Faster, Stronger, Lilyut Horse!
This rare horse originates Lilyut Hills, a region known for its fine horses. The alabaster breed is incredibly rare, and known for a stronger and faster horse compared to other ones from this region. Available until July 22.

Alabaster Lilyut Horse – 2000 Credits

Change Up Your Disguise
Disguising yourself and blending into your surroundings is a good trait of an adventurer in a world like Erenor, so why not disguise yourself with the latest brew of elixir, allowing you to temporarily change your race? Available until July 22.

Race Change Elixir: 30 Days – 1500 Credits

Wardrobe Swap
Every adventurer needs a fresh set of costumes while their most used ones are going through the tedious washing process. Grab the Captain’s Leathers for a sleek look before it disappears on July 15, or leave it up to chance and grab some new swimwear from the Daru’s Special Costume Offer: #11 before it goes away in August!

Captain’s Leathers – 3750 Credits

Daru’s Special Costume Offer: #11 – 799 Credits*
Randomly Grants a Bubblegum Swimwear, Breezy Floral Swimwear, or a Black Pearl Swimwear.

*Limited 1x per account

Diligence Coin Shop Update
This week’s Marketplace Update brings some goods to the Diligence Coin Shop for all! Including the Ruby (Rank 1) for the Rock ‘n’ Scroll Event. More details about this can be found here. Please note that some items are only available for a limited time.

Demigod Essence – 50 Diligence Coins
Merchant’s Costume: Trade – 100 Diligence Coins
Merchant’s Costume: Basic – 100 Diligence Coins
Merchant’s Costume: Fishing – 100 Diligence Coins*

*The Swim Speed boost is only visible while the affected skill is on cooldown.

Items available for a limited time only:
Ruby (Rank 1) – 10 Diligence Coins
Ipnysh Artifact Pack – 400 Diligence Coins
• Ipnya’s Blessing x3
• Wrapped 28-Day Akasch Token Crate Quest Starter x1

Dedicated Laborer Pack – 100 Diligence Coins
• Bound Labor Recharger x10
• Bound Vocation Hastener Scroll x10
• Bound Vocation Tonic x5

All these deals will melt away in the summer heat, so be sure to grab them before they’re gone for good!