Crowfall Backer accounts have been Gifted with 5 Buddy Codes

This year Crowfall is thanking our Backers by gifting all Backer accounts with 5 Beta Buddy codes!
As a Crowfall Backer, your support was a critical part of our ability to bring Crowfall to Beta this year! Thank you for your support!

This holiday each Backer has 5 Beta Buddy codes to share with your friends as our way of saying, thanks! The first wave of Buddy Codes was added to accounts December 16th; at this time they are also added to all Kickstarter Backers’ accounts, and all existing Backer accounts. As new “Backers” join as Crows this month, all will be gifted with 5 Beta Buddy codes within 24-hours of joining through December 31, 2020 at 11:59 PM CST! We hope that these codes help you celebrate the fun of Crowfall with your “Buddies” and be sure to share your feedback on our forums! 

With your help our studio hit several major milestones that would not have been possible without your support – so join with your murder of Crows this holiday and share the experience you helped create!

How to Redeem Your Beta Codes

  • To redeem your codes, login to your Account Profile; on top right section of 
  • In the Options section on the left-side of your profile, click on the Codes sub-section
  • There you will find 5 Beta Codes to share, offering your friends a minimum of 30-days access
  • The Beta Buddy Codes can be redeemed by friends when registering a new Crowfall account
  • For more information on the Beta program your friends can visit

Things to Know

  • Beta Buddy Codes cannot be redeemed on active Crowfall Backer accounts
  • Beta Buddy Codes can be redeemed on a registered Crowfall account
  • Updated information on the Crowfall Beta Test is available at
  • Beta Accounts will need to download the Crowfall LIVE playtest patcher
  • When downloading the Beta playtest patcher, you must be logged in to your account
  • Beta Accounts must agree to the Crowfall Terms of Service and Privacy Policy