Saving Everyone’s Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Merchant Piero is back at it again, delivering delicious chocolate to the peoples of Erenor this Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, he finds himself in a sticky situation that could prevent the timely delivery of chocolate. Help Piero fulfill his chocolate deliveries and save Everyone’s Valentine’s Day before time runs out!

Adventurers level 30 or higher are eligible for participation in this task beginning February 11. Deliver the chocolates in one piece, and Piero may reward you with some coins for your effort.

Your quest and journey begins at the Marianople Fountain and speaking with NPC Chocolate Merchant Piero! For those not in the Nuian faction, fret not! There will be worldgates in Austera and Diamond Shores to get to Marianople. Of course, to ensure the event is lovely and cheerful, Marianople will enter the festival peace period to ensure everyone has a grand time!

My deliveries are a success! What next?

After completing your various deliveries, Piero will reward you with Valentine’s Day Festival Coins, which are exchangeable for the following items at the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Isle:

Bound Tax Certificate x30 – 10 Valentine’s Day Coins
Bound Lucky Elixir x2 – 10 Valentine’s Day Coins
Lucky Hiram Infusion x6 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coins
Radiant Hiram Awakening Scroll x5 – 20 Valentine’s Day Coins
Manastorm Crystal – 5 Valentine’s Day Coins (F2P Only)
White Romance Table – 50 Valentine’s Day Coins
Bound Serendipity Stone – 100 Valentine’s Day Coins
Kitty Onesie – 130 Valentine’s Day Coins
Puppy Onesie – 130 Valentine’s Day Coins

Your deliveries will expire on February 25! Be sure to spend your coins before the weekly server maintenance, also on February 25, when they will be destroyed.