ArcheAge: Unchained : The Party Rages On!

The Nayah Luna celebrations are still going on strong in ArcheAge: Unchained! Pick up your very own Nayah Luna Eve Pack to be sure to get some restful sleep and a brand new dance (or two) to bring when you come back to the party! Additionally, you can now convert your Armor and Weapons with the brand-new conversion scrolls available!

Ringing in the Nayah Luna Season

The New Year has arrived and we’ve been partying. It’s time to make sure that we get some rest and take care of ourselves for what’s to come! However, the party hasn’t fully stopped so keep on dancing!

Nayah Luna Eve Pack – 9500 Credits*
Contains the following:
Image Item: Face Mask
Rousing Rabbit Pajama Top
Rousing Rabbit Pajama Bottoms
Rousing Rabbit Pajama Mittens
Rousing Rabbit Slippers
Rousing Rabbit Sleepmask
Dance: Let Loose Final
Whisper Raiment Bound

*Limited 1x per account
Please Note: The Rousing Rabbit Pajamas do not have a Set Bonus and are purely cosmetic

Dance: Funky Friday – 1500 Credits

Armor Conversation Scrolls Have Arrived!

Changing up your style and skillsets is a part of being a savior or Erenor. However, your gear must match your playstyle! The Armor and Weapon Conversion Scrolls have finally arrived in Erenor to make changing your gear much easier. Please note: You cannot change Hiram gear to Disciple gear or vice versa. These scrolls only convert the armor type (leather/cloth/plate) and Weapon type.

Bound Grand Weapon Type Conversion Scroll – 2000 Credits
Bound Grand Weapon Type Conversion Scroll x2 – 4000 Credits
Bound Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll – 750 Credits
Bound Grand Armor Type Conversion Scroll x7 – 5250 Credits
Bound Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scroll – 3800 Credits
Bound Splendid Weapon Type Conversion Scroll x2 – 7500 Credits
Bound Splendid Armor Type Conversion Scroll – 1300 Credits
Bound Splendid Armor Type Conversion Scroll x7 – 9000 Credits

Fashion Forward

A hero must look the part of just that – a hero! Channel your adventurous spirit into your wardrobe with these fashion items. The Ehnoïr Costume Crate will disappear on January 21, but fret not, you can pick up the Image Item: Face Mask until February 11.

Image Item: Face Mask – 400 Credits

Ehnoïr Costume Crate – 1500 Credits
Contains the following items:
Image Item: Ehnoïr Hood
Image Item: Ehnoïr Shirt
Image Item: Ehnoïr Pants
Image Item: Ehnoïr Gloves
Image Item: Ehnoïr Shoes

Straight to the Point

Bring your enemies to their knees with powerful Obsidian Weapon Images available until January 21. Not quite your style? Take a fishier approach with the Bound Frozen Trout Weapon Image Crate available until January 28.

Obsidian Spears/Staves/Scepters [Unchained] – 1560 Credits
Contains the following items:
Image Item: Fate Sealer (Shortspear)
Image Item Stormhunter (Longspear)
Image Item: Leafshredder (Shortspear)
Image Item: Heart Seeker (Shortspear)
Image Item: Floodcaller Storm (Longspear)
Image Item: Fiendfinder (Longspear)
Image Item: Lidless Rage (Staff)
Image Item: Eternal Prophet (Staff)
Image Item: Spellsinger’s Focus (Staff)
Image Item: Jade Despair (Scepter)
Image Item: Blind Fate (Scepter)
Image Item: Steel Sorrow (Scepter)
Image Item: Prophet’s Promise (Scepter)

Obsidian Bows [Unchained] – 360 Credits
Contains the following items:
Image Item: Deathfletcher (Bow)
Image Item: Wandering Hawk (Bow)
Image Item: Bandit King (Bow)

Bound Frozen Trout Weapon Crate – 200 Credits
Choose one of the following:
Bound Frozen Trout Sword
Bound Frozen Trout Greatsword
Bound Frozen Trout Katana
Bound Frozen Trout Nodachia
Bound Frozen Trout Dagger
Bound Frozen Trout Shortspear
Bound Frozen Trout Longspear
Bound Frozen Trout Scepter
Bound Frozen Trout Staff
Bound Frozen Trout Club
Bound Frozen Trout Greatclub
Bound Frozen Trout Axe
Bound Frozen Trout Greataxe

Auto-Loot for your Companions

Picking up loot for yourself is so old school. Have your pet or mount pick up your items for you with these items! These items are now a permanent addition to the Marketplace, so pick one up every 30 days!

30-Day Auto-Loot Saddle – 1500 credits
30-Day Auto-Loot Powerstone – 1500 credits

Diligence Coin Store Expansion

The Diligence Coin Store has new inventory available for purchase. Get your hands on brand new Gliders, pets, mounts and mount accessories! But hurry, these won’t stay forever as items might rotate in the future.

Gloomwraith Kirin – 400 Diligence Coins
Lunaris – 400 Diligence Coins
Celestar – 400 Diligence Coins
Twilight Unicorn Helm – 30 Diligence Coins
Twilight Unicorn Legguards – 40 Diligence Coins
Twilight Unicorn Saddle – 35 Diligence Coins
Hellwraith Kirin – 400 Diligence Coins
Reefstalker Wyrm – 400 Diligence Coins
Reefstalker Helmet – 30 Diligence Coins
Reefstalker Saddle – 35 Diligence Coins
Reefstalker Legguards – 40 Diligence Coins
Hedgie Crate [Unchained] – 350 Diligence Coins
Faelight Wings – 400 Diligence Coins
Twilight Wings – 400 Diligence Coins
Black Eagle Glider Companion – 400 Diligence Coins
Cumulus Magithopter – 400 Diligence Coins

Don’t wait up, once the party is over some of these items will be disappearing on January 21. Grab them before it’s too late!