Grab your 30% Bonus Credits on ArcheAge!

Did someone say BONUS?! Adventurers, get your mittens on a 30% Bonus
Credits on all Credit packages for ArcheAge beginning on December 11 at 2

Give me the deets!
Purchase as many Credit Packages and receive your 30% bonus on every Credit Pack. There are no limits on the number of Credit Packs you can purchase! This offer is only valid for Credit Packages, and excluded from this offer are Packs with items and Credits.

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Please note that purchasing Credits for ArcheAge will only work on the ArcheAge Legacy servers. This Credit Bonus does not apply to ArcheAge: Unchained Credits. Credits are non-transferable between game versions.

Take advantage of this 30% Bonus Credit offer before it vanishes on December 14 at 2 PM UTC (6 AM PST)! You can’t miss this opportunity!