ArcheAge: Unchained – Go Trick or Treat Yourself

Plenty is coming to the Marketplace this week just in time for the spookiest day of all!

Hallowtide Goodies All In One Package!

Are you a little unprepared for Hallowtide? The Hallowtide Pack is just what you need to get you in the mood for the season.

Hallowtide Pack (Unchained) – 7100 Credits
Contains the following:
– Hallowtide Costume Crate x1
– Yellow Candy x5
– Sealed Halloween Tombstone x1
– Sealed Gilt Blackwood Coffin* x1
– Spirit-Mimic Balloons x1
– Tricked Treat Balloons x1
– Hallowtide Feast Table x1
– Haunted Rickety Picket Fence x1
– Rickety Picket Fence x1
– Autumnal Wreath x1
– Fallen Leaves x1
– Spooky Streetlight x1
– Pumpkin Spooks Chest x1

* This item’s tooltip states that it regenerates labor, but it does not. This is intended.

Gothic Furniture for All!

Does this come in black? Goth is more than fashion; it’s a lifestyle! Showoff your gothic style with the Gothic Furniture Bundle or purchase these frighteningly beautiful pieces individually until November 12!

Gothic Furniture Bundle – 2000 Credits
– Gothic Table
– Gothic Chair x2
– Gothic Couch
– Gothic Music Box

Gothic Bed – 2500 Credits
Gothic Couch – 800 Credits
Gothic Music Box – 500 Credits
Gothic Table – 300 Credits
Gothic Chair – 200 Credits

Hallowtide Costume Party!

“Hello, gourd-geous.” “Too cute to spook.” The compliments will roll in with these fantastic Costumes. Hurry ’cause they’ll be flying away like a witch on a speeding broom on November 5!

Embalmed Greenman Chroma – 1715 Credits
Franken-Yata Chroma – 1715 Credits
Plague Doctor Costume – 5850 Credits
Demon’s Kiss Costume – 3500 Credits

Most of these deals play a trick and disappear on November 12, so be sure to get your goodies before they’re gone!