Season 4 of the ArchePass arrives!

A new season is upon us adventurers, and with it comes new rewards. Starting on July 2nd, open your ArchePass to the latest season, Season 4. Filled to the brim with a brand new pet, mount, and magithopter to make your own!

Vocation Pass

The Vocation Pass has all kinds of goodies to help you along to be the best trader, farmer, or anything in-between! Show off your best driving skills or make a quick delivery with a temporary Rampage Chroma out of the Rampage Chroma Pack on level 22.

If that isn’t your style, then maybe you’ll prefer to be above and beyond with an Enhanced Cumulus Magithopter. Up, up and away! This Magithopter comes ready to get you high in the sky till you feel like you’re on cloud nine.

On the Premium side of the Vocation Pass, get race-ready and hit the road with the Bound Steamracer Helmet Crate. If you’re more of a sit-back-and-relax kind of guy or gal, then level 40 grants an Immovable Hammock, perfect for catching some Zs!

Once you’re all finished up with skidding and sleeping, the grand prize in the Premium side awards you the prestigious title of “Essential Worker” and the Sun’s Zenith Swimsuit. Looking so hot was never so easy!

Equipment Pass

The Equipment Pass is chock-full of items to help build you up so you can take down your enemies whether they are players, monsters, friends, or natural foe! Everyone needs a boost now and again, and we have just the thing to help you feel a little less bare with the Leopard Undergarments Crate on level 17. Fret not for how you can upgrade them because we’re even throwing in a bunch of Synthium Shard Tickets now and then to help you on your way to being the best!

If you manage to forge your way to level 45 of the Equipment Pass, you’ll find yourself a brand-new friend for life with the Butterfly pet. This cute critter has a special-skill that increases your evasion by 30% for 3 seconds – plenty of time to dodge those hits!

In the Premium path, make a splash and frolic on any of your favorite beaches (or oceans!) with the Splash emote, swimming soundly in serenity. Once you’re all dried off, the grand rewards for this Premium part are the “Quarantined” title and the Beach Racer’s Swimwear, perfect for kicking back or kicking off!

Combat Pass

The Combat Pass is your one-shot stop for all the items you’ll need to deliver a punch! From tonnes of Kyrios Badges – if your eyes hunger for a new pet – to mounds of Luna Charms and Tempering Charms, never miss a beat and make your way to the top

If you hack n’ slash your way to level 45, you’ll come face-to-face with the fearsome Deathmaw, a mount unseen (literally!) to Unchained. With a powerful jaw and a penchant for munching unsuspecting adventurers, it’s the perfect mount for launching a sneak attack using its stealth abilities and quickness in the water.

In the Premium Pass, show your true colors with the Rainbow Monarch Glider Customization on level 40, sleek as a butterfly, and ten times more majestic! Once you’re all worn out from fluttering through the sky, don the “Socially Distant” Title and your Summer Nights Swimwear for those warm nights next to the Austeran Hot Springs.

Season 4 of the ArchePass makes it way to us on the 2nd of July, so make sure you’re at the ready to get all these amazing rewards!