ArcheAge: A Hero’s Best Friend

Take a stroll through Erenor with a brand new best friend starting May 14th! Warm your heart with the cold nose fo the Brown Shiba Inu pet, who’s free to a good home for a limited time. Your weapon getting stained with the blood of your enemies? Opt for a new Image items with the Ancient Weapon Crate to get your choice of skin! You can also get your hands (or paws) on some sweet discounts to sink your teeth into.

If you love small mutts (and can’t lie)
Every hero needs a trusty companion, and the Brown Shiba Inu is just that! For our small mutt lovers, you can receive a free Brown Shiba Inu for a limited time as a thank you for sticking with us in Erenor. This Shiba Inu is limited to 1 per account to make sure there are enough pups for everyone.

Brown Shiba Inu* – FREE
*Limited to 1x purchase per account

They’re Just Vintage
Ancient weapons don’t mean they’re worthless! Images these weapon skins over your favorite weapon and take aim with a whole new look. These image items are sure to please with their sleek black and white toned metals and detailed structure. Pick your favorite image items for your weapon, because they disappear to your local antique store after the sale!

Ancient Weapon Crate x2 – 700 Credits
For each of both Crate, choose between: Bound Skydark Dagger, Bound Duskglory Sword, Bound Dawnstar Scepter, Bound Oathcrusher Club, Bound Razor Knowledge Longspear, Bound Fallen Wizard Staff, Bound Sunset Haze Greatclub, Bound Infinite Memory Bow, Bound Great Fortress Shield

Discounted Goods
Freshen up your look with the Salon Certificate, or change the name of your Family and Guild with the press of a few buttons at a discount. These items are only available for a limited time so make sure to grab as many as you can!
Wrapped Family Name Change Ticket – 1800 Credits
Wrapped Guild Name Change Ticket – 6400 Credits
Wrapped Salon Certificate – 600 Credits

These deals disappear on May 28th, so you better adopt your new best friend soon!