Power Up Your Equipment

A hero is only as powerful as their gear! With the battle of a lifetime coming up, you’ll be prepared. That’s where we step in, after maintenance on May 14th you’ll be able to get a little stronger every day with a little bit of hard work.

How do I participate?
Those over level 30 can head to Mirage Isle and speak to the Event Quest Exchanger to purchase a Growth Event Quest item for 5 gold. Using this Grimoire will grant you a quest that requires you to spend 1500 Labor for Reward Gems! You can purchase up to 18 Growth Event Quests during this event period per account, so there’s plenty of gems for everyone.

What are the rewards?
Reward Gems can be exchanged at the Gem Exchanger in Mirage Isle for the following goods:

Radiant Hiram Infusions x30 – 9 Gems
Radiant Hiram Infusions x45 – 12 Gems
Radiant Hiram Infusions x75 – 15 Gems
Radiant Hiram Infusions x150 – 18 Gems
Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer x45 – 9 Gems
Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer x70 – 12 Gems
Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer x115 – 15 Gems
Unidentified Abyssal Enhancer x225 – 18 Gems
Growth Event Crate x2 – 9 Gems
Growth Event Crate x3 – 12 Gems
Growth Event Crate x5 – 15 Gems
Growth Event Crate x10 – 18 Gems

What do the Crates contain?
The Growth Event Crate has a chance to reward the following items:
Bound Serendipity Stone
Bound Anchoring Tempering Charm Box x1
Bound Tempering Charm Box x1
Honorable Victory Rank 1 x1
Honorable Vocation Rank 1 x1
Ancestral Coinpurses x5

This event comes to a halt on June 4th at 1:00 AM UTC, so make sure that you get your quests completed before they disappear.

Please note: The Reward Gems and Gem Exchanger will disappear on June 11th!