ArcheAge: Unchained : Dragon Fashion to the Next Level

How you dress says a lot about you as a hero. Whether you choose to let your virtues shine through or put on a hardy appearance, it is very important to how your enemies perceive you. Will your strength be a surprise to your enemies or will your appearance show it all? Beginning April 30th and lasting until May 14th, you will have the ability to don the most virtuous robes known to Nuia or blend into the secret cult that worships the Red Dragon.

Fashion is a Virtue
Decorate your armor with pieces imbued with the Courage, Vigilance, or Righteousness of the Nui’s Chosen. This brave army is dedicated to battling Anthalon’s Crimson Army, and looking good while doing so! These crates will provide all image items for the Nui’s Chosen set in the color you choose!

Righteous Nui’s Chosen Crate – 2000 Credits
Courageous Nui’s Chosen Crate – 2000 Credits
Vigilant Nui’s Chosen Crate – 2000 Credits

Red Dragon Approved
By popular demand, the Dragon Cultist Duster is here to be your new favorite costume! This outfit is said to be worn by the secret cult that worships the Red Dragon herself. While this outfit is traditionally kept in its deep black color to complement its fiery red accents, you can now change the color with a Dye Ticket!

Dragon Cultist Duster – 3000 Credits

These deals will get eaten by a pack of very hungry moths in two weeks, so don’t wait!