ArcheAge: Top Yourself Up

Let’s face it, we all love ArcheAge. So we want to show our support for the continued success of the legacy version of ArcheAge with a fan-favorite Flash Sale!

First, let’s talk about APEX. It’s super useful for those of you who want to earn your keep through hard work in-game and also useful for those of you who need that extra boost! For a limited time from January 24th through the 28th, we’re offering the fan-favorite APEX Top Up Bonus Sale.

Every 5 APEX packs you purchase, you can grab yourself an extra APEX for whatever your worldly needs may be. For every 10 APEX packs, you purchase you’ll receive an extra 3 to use on whatever you desire.

Four days is all you have, so make sure to grab as much APEX as you can!