Chop Winter Firewood with the Glacial Logging Tool

    Glacial Logging Tool


    To show our appreciation for the chilly Far Shiverpeaks—whispers notwithstanding—we’ve had the top Black Lion Trading Company designers create this cool tool! It comes equipped with a Glyph of the Timekeeper, which grants a 33% chance of instantly completing your gathering.

    Return of the Shrine Guardian


    The quick, noble, and exceptionally fluffy Shrine Guardian Jackal Skin is back in stock this week! Accessorize to match your mount with 20% off the Shrine Guardian Outfit, Shrine Guardian Ears Package, and Mini Shrine Guardian. The Shrine Guardian Appearance Package is on sale at 15% off for the best value.

    What’s in Stock

    We’re refreshing our seasonal stock of gathering tools this week, so keep an eye out for returning favorites.
    Returning This Week

    • Living World Season 2 Complete Pack—40% Off
    • Living World Season 3 Complete Pack—30% Off
    • Living World Season 4 Complete Pack—20% Off
    • Imperial Guard Outfit—50% Off
    • Awakened Mounts Pack
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